2022 - Charman Outstanding Professor Award

Charman Outstanding Professor Award
This award is given to acknowledge quality instruction and teaching in the College of Education and Human Sciences.  Awarded in odd number years.
A monetary award in the amount of $10,000 reflecting interest accrued from the Elaine C. Charman fund will be provided. This award will be disbursed in equal amounts over a two year period, to be used at the discretion of the recipient.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Academic Rank of Tenure-track (all ranks) or Professor of Practice (all ranks)
2. Must have taught in CEHS for at least 3 years
3. Remain employed in the College the year following receipt of the award
4. Hold a full-time minimum 50% teaching appointment
5. Recipients may not receive the award more than once

Application and Review Process:
To be eligible for consideration, you will need to submit the following materials not to exceed 40 pages:
1.   Narrative Description (required): The narrative description should be no more than five pages long and should characterize the teaching philosophy of the nominee. It should also include:
·         effectiveness and impact of teaching
·         innovation
·         method of instruction
·         rapport with students
·         teaching methods
2.      Teaching evaluations and details about impact and teaching load (e.g., number of classes taught each semester, undergraduate and graduate, course enrollments, number of masters and doctoral advisees, and membership on  advisory committees) - Must be expressed in a table or graph.
  Mentoring Advising

3.       New courses and/or teaching innovations developed
4.       Other information the candidate thinks would be useful to the committee          in determining that he or she is qualified for this award
5.    Three letters from students
6.    Three letters from alumni
7.    Three letter of recommendation from peers in both the college and the university
• Awarded in odd number years
• Amount $10,000 to be dispersed in equal amounts over a two-year period
• Nominations due November 15, 2022
• Submission of materials due February 20, 2023
• Selection process: CEHS Awards Committee
Nomination Form