2022 - Distinguished Research/Creative Activity Career Award


This award is given to acknowledge a nationally or internationally recognized member of the College who has either a record of long-term achievement or an outstanding piece of research/creative work.
1. Nominations of full-time CEHS members must be for one individual only and not a couple or a team.
2. Percentage of research time includes 1% to 100% (to include all faculty, full time tenure-stream and/or multiple year contract persons) 
3. The nominee must currently be engaged in research or creative activity at the University.
4. Recipients may be nominated multiple years but receive the award only once.
Selection criteria:

A record of long-term achievement or an outstanding piece of research/creative work, evidence of national or international recognition, contribution to the respective field of knowledge, impacts of research relative to the CEHS mission, evidence of external funding, mentorship, and dissemination of findings/work in academic and public realms.
Nomination Process: 

Nominations may be initiated by peers or administrators. The nominator must notify the candidate and secure his or her approval. The nominator will also secure two letters of candidate support from senior faculty at peer institutions. These letters are then included with the candidate-prepared materials.
Candidate Materials: 

The candidate should submit a maximum of five relevant research papers or creative work examples along with the most recent vitae and a statement of research. (Activity Insight reports are welcome). A letter from the candidate’s administrator and two senior faculty at peer institutions should accompany the materials highlighting the ‘selection criteria’ previously listed.
Selection Process:

The selection committee, made up of representatives from the CEHS Research Committee, will review candidates and make the final selection.
•    Amount: $2,000
•    Nominations due November 15, 2022
•    Submission of materials due February 20, 2023
•    Selection process: CEHS Research Committee
•    Must be uploaded in a continuous PDF or Word file  
Nomination Form