2022 - Graduate Student Research and Creative Activity Award

Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award


1. Any graduate student enrolled in a program in the College of Education and Human Sciences is eligible for this award.
2. A professional vita
3. A maximum of two research, scholarly or creative products (e.g., a journal publication, book chapter, conference abstract, portfolio, or other representation of creative demonstration)
4. One letter of support from a scholarly mentor (e.g., professor, supervisor) that indicate the innovative qualities of the student’s work and how it contributes to the CEHS mission of strengthening individuals, families, schools, and communities.

Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award:


The College of Education and Human Sciences is proud of the research, scholarship, and creative activity of its graduate students. Students across departments, from a diversity of discipline perspectives, work closely with faculty advisors to identify and develop areas of innovative scholarship and to put theory into meaningful practice. Therefore, CEHS seeks to recognize a graduate student who has recently engaged in high quality research, scholarly or creative activity. This award is not based solely on one product from a research, scholarship or creative activity (publication, chapter, professional presentation). Rather, it will be presented to a student who has embraced the spirit of scholarship that advances the mission of the College to strengthen individuals, families, schools, and communities. The recipient of this award will be involved in multiple research, creative and scholarly activities and in the dissemination of the findings from these activities. This student may be early in his or her program of study or nearing graduation, but should demonstrate a commitment to engage in future research, creative or scholarly activities. The nominee’s materials will be evaluated for the contribution to the respective field of knowledge, amount of research, creative and scholarly activity, and quality of work presented.

•    Amount $1000
•    Nominations due November 15, 2022
•    Submission of materials due February 20, 2023
•    Selection process: CEHS Research Committee
•    Must be uploaded in a continuous PDF or Word file   
Nomination Form