CEHS Star Award Nomination Form

  • Nominees must be a regular employee (non-temporary) of the College of Education and Human Sciences.
  • Nominations are completely open. College of Education and Human Sciences faculty, staff and students may submit nominations for any eligible employee, including themselves. Other university faculty, staff, students and off-campus individuals may submit nominations for eligible employees.
  • Multiple nominations may be made for the same individual.
  • Nominations may be submitted any time and will be reviewed according to the date they were submitted.
  • Nominations will be reviewed every other month (Nov, Jan, March, May, July, & Sept)
  • Awards will be presented every other month. (Dec, Feb, April, June, Aug, & Oct)
  • Nominations will expire once the award has been presented. New nominations will be gathered every other month.
  • A previous recipient may not be selected more than once per year.
  • One nominee per person.
  • The current recipient, after receiving the award, will serve on the selection committee to review nominations for the next recipient.
The lucky recipient will receive the following:
  • $200
  • Personally inscribed star award
  • Recognition on the CEHS webpage and the CEHS “NEWS YOU CAN USE”
  • Publicity on the new CEHS closed circuit T.V.’s around the college
Nomination Form

  1. *Please describe any innovative ideas that your nominee has contributed to your group.

  2. *In what ways has your nominee exhibited outstanding performance and/or service that is above and beyond the call of duty?

  3. *Please give an example that you think demonstrates your nominee’s excellent interpersonal skills.